Montreal Tantra Massage Sacred Sexuality And It’s Origins

Tantra means to weave and expand awareness and consciousness.

It originated predominantly in Hinduism and Buddhism between 5,000-7,000 years ago and rituals were performed even before with native American Indians. Yoga has its roots in Tantric rituals.

The tantras were known as the art forms, rituals of sacred pleasures. In ancient temples the sacred rituals were performed by temple woman or women-Dakini, a sexual enlightened women well versed in the secret arts.

Some of the secret arts involved bathing rituals, enchantments, healing temple dancers, body purification, lingam and yoni massage, sacred sexuality and body worship for the sacred rites of Shiva and Shakti the eternal lovers.

Shiva:  God Shiva of pure consciousness.

Shakti:  Goddess of creative power and pure energy.

In Eastern-esoteric mythology their union represents human existence as an erotic act of love of the two essence.

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