Tantra and its origins teach about a sacred act

Benefits of tantra massage and sacred sexuality

Tantric massage has many benefits for the body and mind. Because it is a ritual of connecting body, mind and soul in the same whole, it contributes to transformational development. Also, by activating energies, it contributes to general health, and provides beneficiaries with supreme satisfaction.

Tantra and its origins date many thousands of years ago, but this does not mean that this type of massage does not provide the same benefits in this day and age.

The sacred path

Tantra, as a term, has many meanings. One of them describes tantra as being something woven into the very fabric of the world and all that represents humanity. For this reason, it cannot be severed from human nature and it is part of it. Other meanings describe tantra as a consciousness amplifier, an instrument that can be used to guide someone on their true path.

Too often, people forget about how strongly linked the soul, body and mind are. A lot of suffering is caused by denying one or the other, or its pleasures. Tantric massage and sacred sexuality is instrumental for helping people on the path to harmonizing heart, body, mind and spirit, by providing the body with the healing pleasures it craves for.

The contribution of tantra and tantric massage to modern society.

Even if tantra is an old set of practices, it has earned a place in modern society. One of the benefits provided by tantra is adding a spiritual dimension to a world where materialism is often king, associated with greed and a lack of gratitude, depriving human beings of their true essence and conscious evolution. Another benefit is that tantra, through tantric massage, contributes to the creation of a welfare culture, where erotic energy and satisfaction receives its rightful place, care and honour.
Human beings cannot be reduced to their physical lives.  In a world dominated by lack of human connection and consciousness people can easily feel trapped empty and crushed. Tantra offers the means for liberation, for harmonizing body, mind and spirit.

Ecstasy is our Birthright!~ Please Come and Celebrate with me in Resonance and In Flow!~~

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