Tantra Massage Performed by Cathryn Marvelle

In tantric massage it is very important to understand several types of inter-connectedness in the body. One of these is knowledge about the harmonization of the body and the course of energy flow so that the energy channels can be activated and made to flow better.


Yin (female energy) and Yang (male energy) are the two powers, which through their interplay form our life energy (Chi). They are opposites, which however appear together,  Only when both powers are balanced and in accord do we feel grounded and whole-this state of balance is called Tao. The balancing of Yin and Yang will accompany you through the entire massage.


Although many may feel tempted to interpret tantra massage as a form of erotic relief, it is much more than that. It is also a sacred act, meant to elevate the participants to a higher plane of existence. The essence of this type of massage and intimate practices is to raise Kundalini energy, and activate the chakras, allowing the beneficiary to experience full body orgasms.


Find out more about Cathryn Marvelle Certified Tantric Practitioner.

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  • Cathryn. That was the most erotic Experience of my life. Thank you again


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