Please Do:

Read my website before reaching out.

Share a brief introduction.

Have a thorough shower 2hrs before we meet (if you are coming to see me and it is not possible I have all amenities here).

Be soapy squeaky clean.  I can not emphasize this enough. I would not come to you or greet you without having meticulous hygiene therefore it is only natural to expect the same in return. Please self-test - underarms and obvious intimate areas - if you smell fresh or a bit soapy you're good to go! :) I also do the same! :)

Have fresh breath! (breathing into your cupped hands or lick and smell your wrist is a good self check..) I also provide mouth wash and disposable toothbrush.

Nails well trim and toes too! After all you expect the same from any lady you may meet. I may not always wear toe nail polish but I have cute toes!

Kindly have an unsealed envelope ready near my view (or after a few minutes when you arrive) - if our session was extended... please be prepared to provide the additional tribute. 

Respect my boundaries. 

Please Don't:

Send me romantic notes (but I do appreciate compliments and flatteries.. :)

Try to get a better rate or shorter sessions.

Send text or messages with 2-3 words, overly lengthy or coming across as a teenager

Call to get a fantasy. I detect this right away. It's a waste of my time and yours.

Wear heavy perfume. A dab of lighter scents is welcome. (if you like).

Call last minute (usually - I need 2hrs for same day rv unless stated otherwise on my calendar.  Still never know so don't hesitate to reach out! :)


My expectations are that you come with an open mind and heart.  Considerate, respectful, authentic, generous, self-aware and unpretentious are qualities that I enjoy and appreciate!

This etiquette outline is with the intention to simplify my life, have more fulfilling encounters (both ways) and to raise awareness so that I maintain harmonial balance and healthy ground.

Thank you so kindly for your understanding and considerations!