Calendar Contact page and Etiquette

My offerings are now available in the Laurentians. I am based 20min. north of St Sauveur and 40min. south from Mont Tremblant. It is 1hr 20min from downtown Montreal.


Every day from 11am to 4pm(last app.). A later hour before 7pm may be accommodated by special request granted at my discretion.

**Unless further advised I require 48hrs advance reservation for sessions and meetings.

I am hosting in a charming zen foyer discreet location and parking is available.

Please send me a message or text specifying *session desired and *day and time that may suit you best.* A brief introduction such as age height etc. is as well appreciated also if you have had any previous tantric exploration or anything else that may help me to prepare before we meet for our session.

Please text or use the contact page below and/or email:  

I do not reply to international texts hence please then contact me by email or call me! 

Phone/Text at 438-794-0845. Thank you!! Merci!!

**Please follow me on twitter: @MarvelleCat where I regularly add new beautiful photos!



*I only reply to messages or any other form of communication that instill my trust. If at any time I feel my comfort level is compromised I will discontinue our correspondence.

I kindly ask you to:

Read my website before reaching out.

Let me know date time and which session desired.

Share a brief introduction of yourself

Have a thorough shower 2hrs before meeting. If you are coming to see me and it is not possible prior I kindly ask that you shower before our session.

Be soapy squeaky clean! I can't seem to emphasize this enough!! I will always greet you being meticulous about my hygiene therefore it is only natural to expect the same in return. If you smell fresh or a bit soapy you're good to go! :) I also do the same! :;) So please self check. Pay most attention to armpits, front and back and all around of all *intimate areas under cheek butts as unpleasant odors do travel.. If I detect any strong undesirable scents I will refrain certain activities...unpleasant odors are oppositions to desires and pleasures.

Have minty fresh breath! If you want me to breathe with you and kiss you do not have poor dental hygiene. I dont expect you to have perfect or bright white teeth. But proper dental hygiene and fresh breath is essential! ;) 

Kindly have the cachet ready near my view (or after a few minutes when you arrive) - if our session was extended... please be respectful to provide the additional tribute. 

I prefer that you come on time or just few minutes later then earlier.

Best you come not on an empty stomach nor after a full meal. 

Respect my boundaries. 

Please Don't:

Try to get a better rate or to negotiate.

Send one to two worded text example: hey or you available or messages overly lengthy or coming across almost childish. They will be ignored

Wear heavy perfume. A dab is welcome. (if you like).


My expectations are that you come with an open mind heart and spirit.

This etiquette layout is with the intention to simplify my life, have more fulfilling encounters (both ways) and to maintain a harmonial balance and healthy ground.

Thank you and Namaste!