Offerings and Honorarium: 

Longer sessions are encouraged as it allows calmness, trust, a connection and altered states to form and reach a certain depth. Building a bond, comfort level, sharing blissful knowledge, and forming a safe container and connection requires time, and should not be rushed.  Your body is also a sensual canvas and energetic field…the more time we have…the more you will feel and benefit from the experience! 

















For Men Women and Couples

*Please note I am now based In the Laurentians (20min north of St Sauveur and 40min of Mont Tremblant. I will resume my  regular visits in Montreal in springtime 2020.

If weather is favorable I still do come to Montreal for min 4hrs. sessions Tantra massage which also involves getting acquainted as part of building a connection between us, ecstatic dance, emotional clearing exercise and sensual ritual. Lingam and yoni massage also is included in the ceremony.

As another option a session of 3hrs tantra massage +courtesan which also involves getting acquainted emotional clearing exercise and short dance, blissful awareness and sensual opening ceremony.

Add 100$ for Montreal visit.

Fees for Laurentian sessions

1.5 hrs /240




Tantric Melting and Energetic Hug, Getting acquainted, Introduction to Tantra and Blissful/Intuitive Knowledge, Breathing and Honoring Ceremony, Sensual Opening Ritual, Tantric Massage, Harmonizing Ying&Yang, Energy clearing, Chakra Activation, Blissful Body work, Lingam or Yoni Massage.

I am also highly intuitive in sacred spot massage!

*Couples add $200 to the rate

In sessions more then 2.5 hrs yoni maneuvers teaching on me if you wish may be integrated.

In the Tantra Massage there is no mutual contact nor fantasy exchange but my sessions are sublime and sensuous. Light touch (non intimate) is welcomed granted at my discretion.

Additional fee to be discussed for Outcalls in the Laurentians. Subject to your location



Tantric Courtesan and Escort for Laurentians








Add 100$ for Montreal visits

Overnight Tantra $1600 TBD



Tantric massage and lingam/yoni massage is integrated in the Tantric Courtesan session if you wish. I am also open to an escort style encounter. I fancy both! The intention is to form a genuine connection and true bliss&pleasures..There are no filters .. nothing fake or superficial about me.

Together you will discover my sensitivities my strengths my talents and my passions. And I hope to discover yours :) Which is all part of the ritual bonding.

My Expertise:

Erotic- Ritual Tantric Massage & Sacred Spot Massage, Sensual Opening ritual,  Chakra Activation, Harmonising Ying&Yang, Blissful&Intuitive Knowledge

My Teachings:

lingam massage,  yoni massage, conscious touch, energetic emotional clearing, conscious consentment, authentic communication

how to feel more, expand and circulate orgasmic energy, prolong sensations, how to keep and ignite erotic desires in long term relationships.

If you wish to know what women want from a Goddess who knows I have years of experience and expertise.. learn conscious touch/kiss modalities, sweet spots, how to become more present, being in your body as oppose to only doing,  conscious touch, authentic communication, conscious consentment, becoming intuitive, erotic subtleties / nuances and more..

Please specify your aims when reaching out.

I am also open to escort/courtisane encounters in any event you will enthralled by a very present fun loving and spirited lady.

I also like to please and to be pleased! 

Also available for Social time only 80$/hour. May be dinner coffee wine. No intimacy involved but I am open to share my highly valuable teachings and to also get to know one another.

Fees strictly attribute for my cosmic healing arts, knowledge, entertainment and company time only.

Please write to me about your desires and what you would like to experience and explore. **The more you wish to learn the longer sessions I would highly recommend**

Only messages that I feel are sincere and that are well intended will be replied to. I do tend to keep my responses more brief. My nature does not correspond well with electronic screens. A phone rv is often recommended.

If the level of kindness, depth and maturity for such union is not something you can relate to, then I am probably not the type of encounter you are looking for.

I lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer to cater to a fewer select clientele quality then quantity so that I can maintain this balance while I continue to enhance my Tantra practice, related studies, and provide quality service. I take great care and time in preparing before a session. My offerings are of high value and with exquisite care and attention.

Please no review. I keep my sharing and sessions and expect the same respect. Privacy, Discretion and confidentiality assured. 


My roots are French Canadian from a small town in Northern Ontario with a touch of Native. I am originally Franco-Ontarian. I understand and speak French but unfortunately due to limited exposure over time my conversational skills in this language have lacked some ease but I am very open to speak to you in French, if you prefer, providing you are a little patient with me!

I also had the pleasure to attend a few workshops in the past few years which has enhanced my repertoire of knowledge, skills and wonders!

I was previously based in Montreal where I started my tantric practice 7 years ago. However my body and spirit has been yearning to return to the source and nature and have been living in the Laurentians for 3 months where I intend to stay

I am presently residing in the countryside and renting a small but very charming cachet. 


Come join me in these explorations if you believe in the same values and you wish to achieve tantric bliss! Let's celebrate our natural ecstasy with consciousness and pure Joy!

Please follow me on Twitter at 

Cathryn Marvelle@MarvelleCat

I try to add more photos regularly of myself and some of my happenings!



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